Wednesday, May 6, 2009

am I asking too much?

Maxi dresses. I used to wear them back when I was ten. Now, people are starting to wear it. But of course, here in Malaysia I cant find any that amaze me. I mean even in the stores that are from the overseas. We only have to wait for the celebrities wearing such, then it would be popping out in the market like daisies!!!

the dress below is the nearest that i can find for maxi colour block dress, But look at the size, it'll only fit 30% ppl in Malaysia!! [but I still like it, i didnt know purple and yellow can blend together nicely :D]


My idea would just be so simple

colour block dress and pair it up with a nice jersey wrap :D

it'll be very elegant... the jersey wrap can also be substituted with any type of laidback cardi..n u can find these cardis in PROMOD..theirs are lovely

hurm, when can I get my own dress? huarghh


Chanana said...

cantik kan..mcm nak rembat je haritu.. hehe.. kalau buat pg kelas mst org cakap "jangok"-> plg menyampah tau >.< wait til i further studies in fashion n design haha

simpleyetstylish said...

wahaha..tak yah further studies kayh. bukak je butik..kuangkuangkuang