Monday, July 6, 2009

Ancient Civilization Revived :O

Gladiator Shoes. You have them all; sandals, heels, wedges you name it. Maybe its comforting because you're assured that it would held onto your legs until you strap them off. These type of shoes have been in the season for quite some time.
For me, i think its kind of horrendous if its a gladiator flat sandals. When wearing it, i would imagine myself being prepared to fight one of the beast that is waiting in its cage before me.

The idea would be the straps you have on your legs would make you look superb and most importantly comfortable in wearing them. I'm not sure whether in KL they have this type of shoes being marketed at a low price. The ones that i saw lately would be the ones from NINEWEST. They have the best gladiator wedges so far (in my opinion; the color, the cutting etc)

Anyone can tell me if you know any other brands that have superb gladiator shoes??

Sunday, July 5, 2009

what i learn from a Shopaholic

Confessions of A Shopaholic DVDs and VCDs are in stores NOW!!

although its kinda late to do a review on this, but here's what i want to say about the movie. At first i thought that its going to be a typical adapted novel movie where it crammed all da 200-300 pages into 1 hour and a half motion picture. what i can say would be that the twist dat the production did was great!!! isla fisher was hillarious n of cos hugh dancy was charming indeed (despite the look of dat fluffy hair)

Wut i admire would be the wardrobe dat rebecca bloomwood has..i mean not the quantity of dresses etc, but da way she dress up! many reviews hit the wardrobe hard by saying dat becky lost her colour co-ordination. but i think its her style, n it suits becky's character like a glove; cute and happy go lucky. Maybe the press who wrote dat had actually hoped for a sexy style like in Sex in The City kind of thing. Sorry Mr, u've just lost it.

N to top it all of, i saw Oprah few months a go n her stylist said to her dat ' u dont do a matchy-matchy handbag n shoes, it puts you back 10 decades in the fashion'
So maybe its time to think n choose which one would you prefer??coz i've always think dat putting on clothes dat r tooo colour co-ordinated shows dat u're not adventurous :D

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Foxy turning to Muslim Modest?

I'm still wondering how can i change the Megan Fox long dress look to a Muslim wear. The dress is definitely an elegant piece! I don't know how to transform it to a hijabi look. I dont want to ruin it. One of my friends tell me dat sometimes we Muslims cant wear those hollywood dresses which are revealing n we desperately want to cover it.

Anyone out there knows how to transform it??? give some ideas :D

p/s: the rumours she's a tranny.....hurm, still guessing

Friday, July 3, 2009

ISETAN megasale

-pic by someone from flickr-thanx :))

I juz got home from Isetan KLCC (again...i've been there like more than 10x during my hols..urgh gotta stop going there)
today until sunday if im not mistaken is exclusively for members; an additional 10%

Surprisingly, nothing caught my eye...i've spent around 3 hours walking back n forth around the ladies department buying nothing. i thought i might as well get some pictures, but there aren't any that is worth to be taken. im tired, exhausted n nothing had made my day. although i forgot to check out the bags upstairs...maybe i was too disappointed, i couldn't care less.

owhh but i totally forgot, i like one of the dress in CICADA...its a paisley cotton long shirt..its in 3 colors; light green, light pink, and a khaki colour. that was the one n only that i think is the best clothes of all.n yet, i cant find for anything like dat on the net :((

i'll keep u updated..but nothing much here in KL..u cant find good material + modest cutting clothing easily..NVM i'll keep on trying :D

Saturday, June 6, 2009

SHISEIDO workshop :))

Salam 2 all

Today was exhausting yet its a blast coz i got to go to the SHISEIDO workshop in KLCC. I learned a lot from the workshop.
Basically the workshop focused on the make up and also the eye care. One important information for ladies out there who's driving everyday without wearing sunglasses, your right eye is a bit more wrinkled than your left. So better start caring more on your eyes, coz u dont want to get old when its not the time as yet.

I wished i can go again, its a good way to spend ur time with ur BFF. However, u have to dig a hole in ur pocket. It costs $$$...but seriously, you'll learn a lot from it.

Now, i can recommend myself to be a make-up artist for u guys out there.. The charges are going to be as affordable as you can spent :))

after the workshop-everyone's looking beautiful-

for myself; concealer maquillage and also a compact powder :]

this was the freebies from the workshop and also from the foundations dat i purchased;
1. 2 samples SHISEIDO skin care; cleansing, softener n also moisterizer
2. the travel sized make up brushes and also the foundation sponge
3. lip n eye liner
4. makeup pouch

which makes da whole thing to be; ta-da

Saturday, May 30, 2009


late update coz my internet modem was struck by lightning (X-X)

anyway, im currently watching this dramedy (drama comedy) from Canada which talks about a Muslim community. Its definitely a fresh comedy, dat make me think again, why in Malaysia they cant do something like this, well lets just hope so we can have some kind of a entertainment twist after this.

Its called LMOTP- Little Mosque on The Prairie-

although some of the muslims themselves cant accept this type of comedy coz they think somehow or rather its degrading the Islam as Ad-Din, i totally have to disagree. well, i've just seen one or two episodes, i cant find which part dat degrades Islam as a religion. Its just telling a stroy dat even Muslims have the characters which are definitely not perfect, but of course Islam is Syumul as always ila yaumul qiyamah.

so just take it as a joke, but if u dont agree, stop watching.. its on youtube of course. its great to have this kind of comedy, i think it suits the Muslims around the world


p/s: i love the way dat rayyan (heroin) dresses as a doctor, simple and sweet V(^^)V

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Syurga Cinta

the cast; Awal Ashaari, Haziq, Heliza Helmi

Before anything, im so sad for my laptop. my baby laptop here is having a 'fever' i guess, dats why i cant update my blog.

I wanted to do a review on this before the film went on screen which is 21st May. Nevertheless, better late than never.

1st n foremost, Wuteva im going to write, its my opinion n people would either accept it or brush it aside. I dont care.
David Teoh-MIG produce- n his gang called it as the '1st Islamic dawah movie' in Malaysia. Well, maybe its true however i think the screen play wasn't original.Sorry to say this but when i look at the trailer its just like taking Indonesian 'Kiamat Sudah Dekat' and Malaysianised it.

why? maybe bcoz of these MAJOR similarities

1. involve a couple which the guy is totally disregard himself as a Muslim but the girl is a true Muslimah
2. there's a boy whom would tie their knot
3. the guy is learning to read Quran and solah from the girl's family
4. they fell in love

I absolutely cant accept what the director-Ahmad Idham- said when he was asked to comment when people commented that this film is just like KSD. he said that its not the same as the guy didnt like the girl at first. HELLO!! i mean, that just it??? what about the existence of a kid in match making them?? i mean why cant MIG just said that, owh, we're inspired by KSD but we put a lil bit of a twist in our story. I can accept it with wide arms open.

This is the problem with the Malaysian Movie Makers-producers, directors and actors actresses
when people said something like ' r u copying this movie or were u inspired...bla bla bla'
n they would go and say 'if people in Malaysia always think like this, then our industry wont go anywhere'
Well MR, i have something to say-->here in Malaysia the audiences are in need or ORIGINALITY!!!!i mean the whole world wants uniqueness n not a copycat. that's just why the film industry in Malaysia are always a NO-GO.

however i want to give credit to Heliza's wardrobe in Syurga Cinta. I think it really suits her character as a teacher in Islamic Private School, maybe if its a Public School u cant dress up like this