Monday, December 29, 2008

Short dresses!

My sis had given me a short dress from coral isle as a gift! i'm so excited and still am
Coral isle dresses are just so cute,decent n definitely beautiful + gorgeous
These are some of the short dresses that youngsters should wear with inner. but please wear a hugging long sleeve T but the sleeve is not fit as though u're juz covering ur skin! i hate girls who just take da shortcut n wear hand socks instead. Not just it doesnt cover ur aurah, but ur flabby arms are showing n its a crime against da eyes!

Have a look, i couldn't search for my dress,but i love them so much that i want 2 buy another 1!

Juz loving it

Friday, December 26, 2008

GO turquoise!!!

Salam to all
its been a really hectic week for me since im back to school. So many problems to settle, and alhamdulillah that internet connection was repaired, and now finally i can write something in my blog
Since im all up to the spirit of schooling again, i love to share what i would want to wear going to school

Let me start with the long sleeve T; im going back and forth to my school by bus, so i need a T shirt material which most preferably made 100% of cotton. U can find this kind of T in any FOS store, the one that i just checked out was around RM25. Make sure the T shirt is loose enough for you, as you're not going to wear it as an inner but an outer.

Next, the laidback sleeveless cardigan. I havent found this one yet(which is affordable to normal students). But i found the one with the sleeve and it only cost you RM30. Buildings here are just so cold, as if the temperature had dropped to 16 degrees. Not just this cardigan looks good on, but the long material can be some sort of a small blanket on your lap

The scarf can normally be found in jln TAR.

O,the skirt. This kind of skirt is seriously so hard to find. But few years ago i went to WH store, and they have this skirt. But now, WH store has closed in KL. im not sure whether they're still open in 1 utama.

Its a trend nowadays that even professional workers such as engineers, officers in bank or any department wear a bag pack. Its so easy to carry with and you can put loads of things in it (books,organizer/planner,bottled water,files etc)
For me, i hate carrying around files and books on my hands, as i tend to leave them. Girls always do that,they think its like a nerd wearing bag pack, they even call it turtle bags.
me??i dun care :D
This type of bag is more matured and professional look,all brands have this-NIKE,ADIDAS etc

Lastly, the shoes! owh, i luv NOSE, their shoes are better of than VINCI. its affordable and good quality. I've seen this turquoise flat shoes. the price if i'm not mistaken was around RM65-79.

The great sale ends JANUARY, go go go!!!!-Wut do u think (leave sum comments :O)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I feel so bad coz i cant log in due to some connection problems for one week. It is frustrating you know.Well I just need to call up TMnet and ask them what is wrong with streamyx?
We pay up the bills, dont we?

Few days ago i went out to go and see what is in store in the center of KL
Yes now is a year end sale!
So all of you ladies have to go and shop around...
To cut the story short. the places you must go
*isetan KLCC
*sogo-ladies floor
*FOS maju junction
*One Utama [u can just go HERE instead-all shops are here--->search for be look boutique<-----nice, loads of varieties and most important of all affordable]

I just wanna share with u guys, I bought this cowl neck long sleeve printed dress from old navy in FOS yeah, some may say that FOS is the place for rejected items. For me I dont mind at all what ppl want to say, u just have to shop smart. pick the ones that look GORGEOUS and doesn't look cheap at all!

grey dress-RM30 from FOS

I know most of you'd be wondering it'll be stuffy and hot wearing the dress. IT IS SO NOT!
it is 100% made from cotton, it is so soft and flowy and definitely elegant. Btw, it's cowl neck not turtle neck. U wont be having the feeling of choking anyway.

hijab-ranging from RM10 and above (depends on the material, the lighter the higher the price goes) in Jln TAR. Another option would be just a simple triangle light grey scarf *-*

there are other stuff in FOS such a long shirt dresses, long sleeve tee from GAP...go and check it out!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

how to wear ur hijab

so this is the video that i had mentioned earlier on
Most of arabs usually tie their hijab twice to make it neat..
So, ever wonder wear to get this fabulous pashminas which are thin? (so it suits our wether)

Just go to UIA(my uni :D), there are a lot of small shops that sell long scarves for a very good price. n if u're really good in bargaining,this is definitely a place for u! my friend got her lovely pashmina for just RM10 (yeah,its not original,but it is beautiful indeed)

Or another option would be u can go to KLCC where this shop sells almost everything which has the concept of ethnicity. However the prices ranges between RM80 and above.
As my friend always remind me to post the things that are pocket friendly, u might as well take the 1st advice ^-^

u can check out more vids at
Learn from it-ENJOY-

Monday, December 8, 2008


I would love to wear like this for my outings. tips dat i wud like to share in wearing this kind of dress

*if u want for the ruffles to be seen, so make sure the blouse is loose by tightening it neatly on the waistline. so the chest part would be covered. wrap the hijab twice. (for this tip, i would post a hijab trials video later on)

*to tone down the dress so it wont be screaming that i'm wearing ruffles on a day outing,i chose a very simple long and wide skirt.I opted for this because its easy when riding a bus. dat is also why i chose a flat shoes.

*luv da sling bag.u'll need a bigger ones if u want to shop around.
juz in case its a shiny n hot day,peachy sunglasses wud make u look like a stylist :)

*like the way that peach n purple blends together.who knew dat they'll be a good match.
Not for u??

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Eid Mubarak!!!
i'm praying for every muslims in Mecca right now are just safe n sound, insyllh

I was wondering what shud i wear for Eid, and i really thought that i wanted to post some of the traditional malay dresses..but i juz cant find the ones that suited my taste

So I post the dress that really want to have, but sadly here in KL i cant find one.
Actually my sister introduced it to me, she was the one who really want to have this color block maxi dress but the one that she showed to me was lindsay lohan's, and its going sideways. Since i'm a plus size girl so i cant afford to wear that :D

My advice to wear this kind of dress would be:-
1st--> since the dress V cut, so please wear a cardigan instead of long sleeve tee. I juz dislike when girls wear something inside when the dress clearly shows your cleavage. although it wont be seen by the dress inside still, it would show the shape...
2nd--> i would wear the scarf later to cover the chest as it is important to do so by Surah an-Nur. u can bring the orange prints in front to make it look more elegant.
3rd--> when wearing dresses like this (long ones) u seriously need to wear heeled shoe. I chose a mid golden heeled shoe
since not everyone likes wearing high heeled shoes
4th-->the golden bag will mix nicely with the shoes u r wearing so it'll be a hit!
5th--> dont forget to bring your big sunglasses.. maybe its a shiny Eid
Xtra accessory would depend on u; bangles or long neklace.

Although sum ppl might say the dressing is simple, for me it has its own style!

Till then. IllalliQa'

Muqaddimah :D

this is my first time blogging. This blog is meant for everyone,especially muslim girls and women as a guide to get your own style in dressing up. there's nothing wrong to dress up in Islam,just that there are certain rules dat u have to abide by. However, some of my friends may say that i am part of a fashion victim. nVm..

i hope that you like my taste of styling;

My comments would be

Black dress- definitely must have. u can tell dat it is so comfy when u wear it as it uses a flowy material.

Jeans-Nowadays, young MUSLIM girls or even their mommies tend to wear skinny jeans or tights (a.ka. leggings) to all of u out there: leggings or wachamacallit is a no-no outfit in islam!! As we already know that Islam only say yes to outfit which doesn't accentuate the shape of the body ( therefore, leg counts!). The tip in wearing jeans for me would be FIND your right size. you have to know ur size n TRY first when u go for shopping. The jeans must not be too loose on the top (this is because we are wearing long dress) otherwise your bottoms end up looking like shape of a mountain down there.

Pashmina-when wearing your scarves ladies, please pick the one that matches! I can just pick one black long ones. But for me, dont be afraid n Dull to try in mix n match...We live in a world of colours. just go for it

Bag-If you have only have one choice of bag,PICK the ones that matches with most of ur outfits.
the bag is a metallic silver so u wont have any problem. One thing to remember would be that u have to take good care of it.Anyway, the type would be outgoing such as outing during weekends or vacation.But NEVER bring it to dinner..inappropriate :D

Accessory- Metallic bangles..I juz luv them. If u dont, its ok. U can make it as simple as ever

Shoes-Wedges are so in season right now. Luv the flower shape on top of it

MY motto would be 'less is more'-don't u think so?