Saturday, May 30, 2009


late update coz my internet modem was struck by lightning (X-X)

anyway, im currently watching this dramedy (drama comedy) from Canada which talks about a Muslim community. Its definitely a fresh comedy, dat make me think again, why in Malaysia they cant do something like this, well lets just hope so we can have some kind of a entertainment twist after this.

Its called LMOTP- Little Mosque on The Prairie-

although some of the muslims themselves cant accept this type of comedy coz they think somehow or rather its degrading the Islam as Ad-Din, i totally have to disagree. well, i've just seen one or two episodes, i cant find which part dat degrades Islam as a religion. Its just telling a stroy dat even Muslims have the characters which are definitely not perfect, but of course Islam is Syumul as always ila yaumul qiyamah.

so just take it as a joke, but if u dont agree, stop watching.. its on youtube of course. its great to have this kind of comedy, i think it suits the Muslims around the world


p/s: i love the way dat rayyan (heroin) dresses as a doctor, simple and sweet V(^^)V

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