Saturday, June 6, 2009

SHISEIDO workshop :))

Salam 2 all

Today was exhausting yet its a blast coz i got to go to the SHISEIDO workshop in KLCC. I learned a lot from the workshop.
Basically the workshop focused on the make up and also the eye care. One important information for ladies out there who's driving everyday without wearing sunglasses, your right eye is a bit more wrinkled than your left. So better start caring more on your eyes, coz u dont want to get old when its not the time as yet.

I wished i can go again, its a good way to spend ur time with ur BFF. However, u have to dig a hole in ur pocket. It costs $$$...but seriously, you'll learn a lot from it.

Now, i can recommend myself to be a make-up artist for u guys out there.. The charges are going to be as affordable as you can spent :))

after the workshop-everyone's looking beautiful-

for myself; concealer maquillage and also a compact powder :]

this was the freebies from the workshop and also from the foundations dat i purchased;
1. 2 samples SHISEIDO skin care; cleansing, softener n also moisterizer
2. the travel sized make up brushes and also the foundation sponge
3. lip n eye liner
4. makeup pouch

which makes da whole thing to be; ta-da

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Chanana said...

i'm goin to visit mahfuzah
dis week (mayB friday)..
anyone wud like to kongsi
$ beli hadiah for her baby
boy? sorang rm10 :)