Friday, July 3, 2009

ISETAN megasale

-pic by someone from flickr-thanx :))

I juz got home from Isetan KLCC (again...i've been there like more than 10x during my hols..urgh gotta stop going there)
today until sunday if im not mistaken is exclusively for members; an additional 10%

Surprisingly, nothing caught my eye...i've spent around 3 hours walking back n forth around the ladies department buying nothing. i thought i might as well get some pictures, but there aren't any that is worth to be taken. im tired, exhausted n nothing had made my day. although i forgot to check out the bags upstairs...maybe i was too disappointed, i couldn't care less.

owhh but i totally forgot, i like one of the dress in CICADA...its a paisley cotton long shirt..its in 3 colors; light green, light pink, and a khaki colour. that was the one n only that i think is the best clothes of all.n yet, i cant find for anything like dat on the net :((

i'll keep u updated..but nothing much here in KL..u cant find good material + modest cutting clothing easily..NVM i'll keep on trying :D


Chanana said...

gambateh!! huhu.. ehh baju mana ni? syaz pusing2 cuma berkenan baju rm49 tu je..haha.. long sleeve? sleeveless? mana satu?

simpleyetstylish said...

haha...sleeve die panjang gak,tp leh lipat n button kt arm area
baju 2 more to go to work or to go to class mmg nmpk cool n kemas :D