Monday, July 6, 2009

Ancient Civilization Revived :O

Gladiator Shoes. You have them all; sandals, heels, wedges you name it. Maybe its comforting because you're assured that it would held onto your legs until you strap them off. These type of shoes have been in the season for quite some time.
For me, i think its kind of horrendous if its a gladiator flat sandals. When wearing it, i would imagine myself being prepared to fight one of the beast that is waiting in its cage before me.

The idea would be the straps you have on your legs would make you look superb and most importantly comfortable in wearing them. I'm not sure whether in KL they have this type of shoes being marketed at a low price. The ones that i saw lately would be the ones from NINEWEST. They have the best gladiator wedges so far (in my opinion; the color, the cutting etc)

Anyone can tell me if you know any other brands that have superb gladiator shoes??


Chanana said...

ninewest memang besst!! huhu.. other brand couldn't rmmbr, tp ada je yang cantik ;) nnt dah jumpa syaz btau ea

RakBaju said...

hai there!

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Banyak baju yang cantik-cantik and harga yang berpatutan tau. See you there!!

ween said...

I always go for non-branded shoes. huu ;p cantik2 kasut tu :)