Saturday, July 4, 2009

Foxy turning to Muslim Modest?

I'm still wondering how can i change the Megan Fox long dress look to a Muslim wear. The dress is definitely an elegant piece! I don't know how to transform it to a hijabi look. I dont want to ruin it. One of my friends tell me dat sometimes we Muslims cant wear those hollywood dresses which are revealing n we desperately want to cover it.

Anyone out there knows how to transform it??? give some ideas :D

p/s: the rumours she's a tranny.....hurm, still guessing


Chanana said...

nothing is impossible.. cuba tgk queen rania tu weewitt mengancam haha^^ pandai tailor dia buat baju.. ilham dr hollywood jgak ;)

d'Fedrin said...

I think you can wear it with an inner shirt... with a shawl like this picture...

hehehe... it was just an opinion. I am so sorry if it didn't suit your taste since I am not that good with fashion.. :)