Sunday, July 5, 2009

what i learn from a Shopaholic

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although its kinda late to do a review on this, but here's what i want to say about the movie. At first i thought that its going to be a typical adapted novel movie where it crammed all da 200-300 pages into 1 hour and a half motion picture. what i can say would be that the twist dat the production did was great!!! isla fisher was hillarious n of cos hugh dancy was charming indeed (despite the look of dat fluffy hair)

Wut i admire would be the wardrobe dat rebecca bloomwood has..i mean not the quantity of dresses etc, but da way she dress up! many reviews hit the wardrobe hard by saying dat becky lost her colour co-ordination. but i think its her style, n it suits becky's character like a glove; cute and happy go lucky. Maybe the press who wrote dat had actually hoped for a sexy style like in Sex in The City kind of thing. Sorry Mr, u've just lost it.

N to top it all of, i saw Oprah few months a go n her stylist said to her dat ' u dont do a matchy-matchy handbag n shoes, it puts you back 10 decades in the fashion'
So maybe its time to think n choose which one would you prefer??coz i've always think dat putting on clothes dat r tooo colour co-ordinated shows dat u're not adventurous :D

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