Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I feel so bad coz i cant log in due to some connection problems for one week. It is frustrating you know.Well I just need to call up TMnet and ask them what is wrong with streamyx?
We pay up the bills, dont we?

Few days ago i went out to go and see what is in store in the center of KL
Yes now is a year end sale!
So all of you ladies have to go and shop around...
To cut the story short. the places you must go
*isetan KLCC
*sogo-ladies floor
*FOS maju junction
*One Utama [u can just go HERE instead-all shops are here--->search for be look boutique<-----nice, loads of varieties and most important of all affordable]

I just wanna share with u guys, I bought this cowl neck long sleeve printed dress from old navy in FOS yeah, some may say that FOS is the place for rejected items. For me I dont mind at all what ppl want to say, u just have to shop smart. pick the ones that look GORGEOUS and doesn't look cheap at all!

grey dress-RM30 from FOS

I know most of you'd be wondering it'll be stuffy and hot wearing the dress. IT IS SO NOT!
it is 100% made from cotton, it is so soft and flowy and definitely elegant. Btw, it's cowl neck not turtle neck. U wont be having the feeling of choking anyway.

hijab-ranging from RM10 and above (depends on the material, the lighter the higher the price goes) in Jln TAR. Another option would be just a simple triangle light grey scarf *-*

there are other stuff in FOS such a long shirt dresses, long sleeve tee from GAP...go and check it out!

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Chanana said...

FOS memang best.. abg mukmuk suke beli socks kat FOS..hehe~