Monday, December 8, 2008


I would love to wear like this for my outings. tips dat i wud like to share in wearing this kind of dress

*if u want for the ruffles to be seen, so make sure the blouse is loose by tightening it neatly on the waistline. so the chest part would be covered. wrap the hijab twice. (for this tip, i would post a hijab trials video later on)

*to tone down the dress so it wont be screaming that i'm wearing ruffles on a day outing,i chose a very simple long and wide skirt.I opted for this because its easy when riding a bus. dat is also why i chose a flat shoes.

*luv da sling bag.u'll need a bigger ones if u want to shop around.
juz in case its a shiny n hot day,peachy sunglasses wud make u look like a stylist :)

*like the way that peach n purple blends together.who knew dat they'll be a good match.
Not for u??


raihana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
simpleyetstylish said...

kinda weird...leave ur comment n deleting it?haha-funny 2 i guess

raihana said...

aku try nak letak gambar xleh ar
ha ha ha

simpleyetstylish said...

:D gamba per?gamba yg gerak2 2 eh?haha

raihana said...

baiklah aku akan komen sekarang.
aku...sebenarnya...sangat kedekut untuk membeli semua ini.setiap hari memakai sandal yang sama berwarna merah dan pakai utk semua baju even kale biru.aku mempunyai sikap yang pelik.bila xde duit, 'shopping lust'(ah, ade ke perkataan ni) membuak2 tapi kalo ade duit aku jadi kedekut..