Sunday, December 7, 2008

Muqaddimah :D

this is my first time blogging. This blog is meant for everyone,especially muslim girls and women as a guide to get your own style in dressing up. there's nothing wrong to dress up in Islam,just that there are certain rules dat u have to abide by. However, some of my friends may say that i am part of a fashion victim. nVm..

i hope that you like my taste of styling;

My comments would be

Black dress- definitely must have. u can tell dat it is so comfy when u wear it as it uses a flowy material.

Jeans-Nowadays, young MUSLIM girls or even their mommies tend to wear skinny jeans or tights (a.ka. leggings) to all of u out there: leggings or wachamacallit is a no-no outfit in islam!! As we already know that Islam only say yes to outfit which doesn't accentuate the shape of the body ( therefore, leg counts!). The tip in wearing jeans for me would be FIND your right size. you have to know ur size n TRY first when u go for shopping. The jeans must not be too loose on the top (this is because we are wearing long dress) otherwise your bottoms end up looking like shape of a mountain down there.

Pashmina-when wearing your scarves ladies, please pick the one that matches! I can just pick one black long ones. But for me, dont be afraid n Dull to try in mix n match...We live in a world of colours. just go for it

Bag-If you have only have one choice of bag,PICK the ones that matches with most of ur outfits.
the bag is a metallic silver so u wont have any problem. One thing to remember would be that u have to take good care of it.Anyway, the type would be outgoing such as outing during weekends or vacation.But NEVER bring it to dinner..inappropriate :D

Accessory- Metallic bangles..I juz luv them. If u dont, its ok. U can make it as simple as ever

Shoes-Wedges are so in season right now. Luv the flower shape on top of it

MY motto would be 'less is more'-don't u think so?

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