Friday, December 26, 2008

GO turquoise!!!

Salam to all
its been a really hectic week for me since im back to school. So many problems to settle, and alhamdulillah that internet connection was repaired, and now finally i can write something in my blog
Since im all up to the spirit of schooling again, i love to share what i would want to wear going to school

Let me start with the long sleeve T; im going back and forth to my school by bus, so i need a T shirt material which most preferably made 100% of cotton. U can find this kind of T in any FOS store, the one that i just checked out was around RM25. Make sure the T shirt is loose enough for you, as you're not going to wear it as an inner but an outer.

Next, the laidback sleeveless cardigan. I havent found this one yet(which is affordable to normal students). But i found the one with the sleeve and it only cost you RM30. Buildings here are just so cold, as if the temperature had dropped to 16 degrees. Not just this cardigan looks good on, but the long material can be some sort of a small blanket on your lap

The scarf can normally be found in jln TAR.

O,the skirt. This kind of skirt is seriously so hard to find. But few years ago i went to WH store, and they have this skirt. But now, WH store has closed in KL. im not sure whether they're still open in 1 utama.

Its a trend nowadays that even professional workers such as engineers, officers in bank or any department wear a bag pack. Its so easy to carry with and you can put loads of things in it (books,organizer/planner,bottled water,files etc)
For me, i hate carrying around files and books on my hands, as i tend to leave them. Girls always do that,they think its like a nerd wearing bag pack, they even call it turtle bags.
me??i dun care :D
This type of bag is more matured and professional look,all brands have this-NIKE,ADIDAS etc

Lastly, the shoes! owh, i luv NOSE, their shoes are better of than VINCI. its affordable and good quality. I've seen this turquoise flat shoes. the price if i'm not mistaken was around RM65-79.

The great sale ends JANUARY, go go go!!!!-Wut do u think (leave sum comments :O)

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Chanana said...

hahahaha..turtle bag ea~.. syaz angkut turtle bag pi kelas.. bior laaa orang cakap apa pown.. senang sume sumbat, telekung, makeup bag, botol air, lagi..hehe-syaz-