Tuesday, December 9, 2008

how to wear ur hijab

so this is the video that i had mentioned earlier on
Most of arabs usually tie their hijab twice to make it neat..
So, ever wonder wear to get this fabulous pashminas which are thin? (so it suits our wether)

Just go to UIA(my uni :D), there are a lot of small shops that sell long scarves for a very good price. n if u're really good in bargaining,this is definitely a place for u! my friend got her lovely pashmina for just RM10 (yeah,its not original,but it is beautiful indeed)

Or another option would be u can go to KLCC where this shop sells almost everything which has the concept of ethnicity. However the prices ranges between RM80 and above.
As my friend always remind me to post the things that are pocket friendly, u might as well take the 1st advice ^-^

u can check out more vids at http://www.youtube.com
Learn from it-ENJOY-


Chanana said...

ha nanti syaz dah mula gerak biznez shawls, yam bole tolong jualkan kat uia gombak.. uia kuantan susah sket..he~

simpleyetstylish said...

yakah???ad biz shawls???BES!