Sunday, December 7, 2008


Eid Mubarak!!!
i'm praying for every muslims in Mecca right now are just safe n sound, insyllh

I was wondering what shud i wear for Eid, and i really thought that i wanted to post some of the traditional malay dresses..but i juz cant find the ones that suited my taste

So I post the dress that really want to have, but sadly here in KL i cant find one.
Actually my sister introduced it to me, she was the one who really want to have this color block maxi dress but the one that she showed to me was lindsay lohan's, and its going sideways. Since i'm a plus size girl so i cant afford to wear that :D

My advice to wear this kind of dress would be:-
1st--> since the dress V cut, so please wear a cardigan instead of long sleeve tee. I juz dislike when girls wear something inside when the dress clearly shows your cleavage. although it wont be seen by the dress inside still, it would show the shape...
2nd--> i would wear the scarf later to cover the chest as it is important to do so by Surah an-Nur. u can bring the orange prints in front to make it look more elegant.
3rd--> when wearing dresses like this (long ones) u seriously need to wear heeled shoe. I chose a mid golden heeled shoe
since not everyone likes wearing high heeled shoes
4th-->the golden bag will mix nicely with the shoes u r wearing so it'll be a hit!
5th--> dont forget to bring your big sunglasses.. maybe its a shiny Eid
Xtra accessory would depend on u; bangles or long neklace.

Although sum ppl might say the dressing is simple, for me it has its own style!

Till then. IllalliQa'


*~Ange~* said...

i love that last dress!!!
very beautiful!

simpleyetstylish said...

the dress dat lindsay's wearing?

Chanana said...

yam~ cuba la ushar kat klcc.. mcm adaaa jek.. klcc kan my 2nd home ;p

simpleyetstylish said...

syaz tde, konfem kakakku yg dok sblah klcc tiap2 hari lalu pon ckp tde..kalau ade pon, more than 500 hengget bcoz its a designer item