Saturday, April 25, 2009

chequered below 50!!!

Salam to all..
I have something which is simple,cute and a good bargain to offer
chequered dresses at the rate below RM50!

I love chequered. I remebered dat when i 1st wore mine in 2003, one of my school mate asked
'o Maryam, isnt this dress made out of the same material as your cushion covers?'
I was so pissed off, i told my sis bout it, and she said, itll be going to be in fashion'
and I do believe her, dats y it is in season now!
O seriously feel like I just want to say to dat mean girl, hye u, why r u wearing cushion covers 2day [as if she's wearing a chequered dress,or shirts whateva]
enuff said~

take a good look :D

very simple chequered long dress RM39 from eightdesigns

u can wear it for outings, n even to classes
its simple yet smashing!

baggy chequered RM39 from eightdesigns

it is definitely in season! most importantly it looks great on anyone!

cute ruffles chequered RM39 from indahdreamer

its cute, innocent and plushy mushy like a barbie doll

same ruffled chequred but with a 2 tiered skirt below
RM48 from indahdreamer

you can wear it with an inner or even a jacket


Chanana said...

comel kan.. yam, buat laa chat box kat blog ni..hehe..
gud news-im goin to pick up my stila mugs tomorrow!! yeyyy!! kalau laa ada labih, bole bagi yam 1.. tapi ada 2 je.. uu

simpleyetstylish said...

hehe..bagos la!
org dpt this online boutique pon from syaz nyer page..hehe,thanx
slalu shopping on9 eh? :0

afrah-sefia said... this u yam??
omg..was that me saying that 'mean thing'? i can juz imagine myself saying that kinda thing.. *and it felt really familiar*

uhoh-- *feeling bad*
but on the bright side, cool blog ^__^ 1st time reading 'stylish and fashionable' blog..

miss you yam~ *it is you, right?*


simpleyetstylish said...

wslm yeah,afrah...
it is me :)maryam khalid
xpe dh biasa dlupakan hahaha
thanx yer..come n read my blog again V(^0^)V

Chanana said...

shopping kat klcc laaaa paling best :p jom2 kte kuar shopping! hehe