Tuesday, April 28, 2009

travel light V(^o^)V

Salam to all
I hate traveling with big bulky bags, they're so troublesome. Of course none of us like to travel with so many bags. But sometimes i think most of the Malaysians tends to do that, especially Muslimah girls.
Like a friend of mine, she always said that she wants to mix and match everything, especially her hijab. dats y she tends to bring 'every' single thing and makes her bags so full of stuff that sometimes she wont even wear :-?
So, some of you know this already. Who doesnt? But for me, i like it to be simple but stylish :)
Lets start off with a very light dress; denim dress
some of u would say, too simple. but dont u think less is more? i always do. anyway, this dress can be mixed and matched with any long tee, any colours. my choice would be purple and orange. u can go by the normal black and white. but i've passed that already. its so boring, and that would be too simple for me.

this purple tee, can be worn with a light chiffon shawl with abstract patterns. these shawls are so in fashion right now, coz its so light n easy to wear. the colour would blend together with da tee and brings out da denim dress

U can wear da same dress and just change the tees inside. Orange would be a lovely colour and i juz love da strikiness of both the tees and the shawls..uooohh

Then juz wear with a pair of jeans, now people are more into wide leg jeans. i'll be doing that for da next post.

Any other suggestions?

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