Saturday, April 25, 2009

a simple 100 guideline :D

some of u might say it's expensive, but for me its not
1stly bcoz when u buy a white pants, it matches with a lot of dresses
2ndly, the dress can be worn with jeans on a picnic day
3rdly da hijabs are to die for...

da whole thing only cost u Rm100.90, which is not expensive at all. but i wont say dat its cheap
its affordable, n for young malaysians muslimah out there
its suitable for a teen look if u match it with jeans n its also suitable for da young adults to wear to work n i dont think its TOO MUCH to look at, at all--> after all it's just LACE<----

love it,love it, love it

how bout u?

RM 13 from shawls2u -jojet shawl-
[ the grey would make the look even more smashing!]

RM 38 from LadiesMall

[i cant believe its RM 38!!!]

RM 49.90 from GetGorgeous

[its a bell bottom, its absolutely gorgeous :D]


Raihan Mustafa KamaL said...

aku tgk blog ko ni promote baju je..hahahha.. promote diri mane..hahaha

rai said...

eh cumel la baju tu

simpleyetstylish said...

weh rehan nme blog pon sal styling, x bes la promote dri cam ko..haha

celebral seductress said...

i seriously love the RM38 top from the LadiesMall!!! looks soo cute!! where can i get that?

simpleyetstylish said...

--->celebrsl seductress
just go to

there are lot of cute dresses there n most importantly its cheap n smashing!! :D

celebral seductress said...

thanks dear! =) will go check it out!