Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Salam to all
Most of us in our wardrobe would have a pair of jeans at least. People from around the globe is wearing it. It is definitely easy to handle, as u dont really need to iron it except if it crumpled too much. U love ur jeans,dont u? coz i luv mine.

But as a Muslims we cant go wearing something that will show our figure. We must be modest in our clothing both men n especially women. However, I need to say that Al-Quran never prevent from us to have a sense of style, except when it would make u involve in ma'siah and mubazzirun.

I have to stress on this, and I have posted how much i despise skinny jeans. Muslims nowadays, are wearing it, especially the youngsters. I just cant imagine how low their conscience towards the syara'. But actually they do know about it, its just they dont want to follow. If people ask wut would be the difference between Islam and other religion, they would answer that Islam is not just a religion, its a way of life. Therefore, ladies if it is a way of life, u must run ur life consistent with the teachings! N covering ur skin is definitely not a way of a Muslim's life!

My suggesstion would be, if u think that u are so skinny, put on the straight cut jeans. It is way better, and this kind of cutting would make ur feet look longer and smaller [dats wut most of the women wants, or not?]
However, I must say that straight cut jeans are not for people of plus sizes, just like me. Although u think u are comfortable in that pair of jeans, it doesnt do justice to u. believe me i know!

I like to wear bootleg jeans, its a bit thight on your hips [actually its very thight], dats y, u have to cover it with a beatiful long dresses. It'll make u look a 100X better, and of course modest.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I'd do a wideleg jeans review. This is wut the muslimahs need to go for. This is so in season, even the westerners who are kafiruns think that it is comfy. U can wear a blouse which just cover ur bums, coz the legs are wide enough to cover ur shape.
Im soooo crazy bout it, coz i haven't have one. It is definitely beautiful, stylish n simple!

Another option that u can go for is a flared jeans, or even pants. u can wear it as ur day look or even for ur office look. it is sophisticated, and u'd be taken seriously :))

Wut choice is yours?

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