Thursday, April 23, 2009

Delayed :D

salam to all..
its been a long time i haven't post anything here. i got tied up with my exams, presentations etc
u guys should see my calendar, i don't think a student deserve such a schedule..well, im back coz im in my holidays :D

So, dis time around, i'd like to introduce to all of you readers, a muslimah boutique online shop ~getgorgeous!~. its very hip and trendy and most importantly its affordable!! u can go the the site at my links later :0
the online shop its not so new when i got to know it, yet i still haven't had any oppurtunity to post about it. everything got delayed..hehe

so,here are some of my choices ;)

shift dress RM69.90 molly layered dress RM 69.90

blue pashmina RM10

green pleated skirt
RM 59.90

sway cardigan RM58

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