Thursday, April 30, 2009

Idea of a HIJAB

This is the Malaysian superstar Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. She had been wearing this head scarf just a few years a go. She had set the trend of this hijab call 'tudung siti'.
As a Superstar her tudung would cost a bomb! I wanted this type of hijab so that i can wear with a small indonesian kerudung instant

It will be so elegant! but the price for tudung siti is ranging to RM90-RM120, which can go further!!! thats ridiculous aint it? just for a selendang (shawl).

Although how much i loath the fact that people would say, the celebrities are dominant influence to the people it is nevertheless, is true, because they are the public figure. people want to look like them and sometimes to the extent to be like them. dats y, there are this non stop reality singing competition shows going on in the tv.

In my opinion, the women in Malaysia right now are following wut Siti is wearing. Which of course, is not covering ur aurah. She does wear soemthing inside but just for special occassions, like in Islamic concerts for instance
aint she pretty when wearing like this?

My idea of this hijab would be just take the instant kerudung and pair it with a nice chiffon shawl

and pin it! its simple, and would only cost u rm13 for the shawl (from and rm 20 for the instant kerudung.or if u're lucky enuff u can get Rm10!!

its not that its a trend, but its just a matter of styling ur hijab. BUT it must be in accordance with the syara'. All of u know this, but it is just as a reminder for u out there n most importantly to myself :D

Any other ideas?


*~Ange~* said...

love them! especially the blue dress

Chanana said...

cantik kan tapi saya tak suka siti :p yekk (jahatnya saya haha)